User Acceptable Policy (UAP)

User Acceptable Policy (UAP) for Internet
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somalia


  1. Purpose

The purpose of this User Acceptable Policy (UAP) is to ensure the appropriate, effective, and secure use of the Internet by all personnel and users accessing the Internet through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somalia. The procedural guidance provided herein aids in understanding and complying with the policy.

  1. Scope

This UAP applies to all personnel, contractors, consultants, and any other individuals who use the Internet services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somalia.

  1. Policy

3.1. Acceptable Use

Users must use the Internet in a manner that is consistent with the Ministry’s mission and objectives.

Internet usage must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

3.2. Prohibited Activities

The use of the Internet for any illegal, unethical, or malicious activities is strictly prohibited.

Users are not allowed to access, share, or download offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate content.

Unauthorized downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials is forbidden.

3.3. Security and Privacy

Users must not share or disclose their personal or official account details, including passwords.

Users should not attempt to bypass or undermine any security measures in place.

Personal usage, if allowed, should not interfere with official work or the performance of the network.

  1. Procedural Guidance

4.1. Reporting Misuse

Users should immediately report any suspected misuse or breach to the Ministry’s IT Department.

Users should provide necessary details to aid the investigation, without attempting to rectify the situation on their own.

4.2. Periodic Reviews

The IT Department will conduct periodic reviews and audits to ensure compliance with this UAP.

Users may be required to provide relevant logs or data as part of these reviews.

4.3. Training and Awareness

The Ministry will organize regular training sessions and workshops to educate users about the importance of Internet security and this UAP.

Users are required to attend these sessions and stay informed.

4.4. Violations and Consequences

Violations of this UAP will be treated seriously and may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to reprimand, suspension, termination, and legal action.

Users found to have violated this policy will be given an opportunity to present their case before any penalties are imposed.

  1. Policy Review

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somalia will review this UAP annually or as required, to ensure that it remains relevant and effective. Users will be informed of any significant changes or updates.

By accessing and using the Internet services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somalia, the user acknowledges understanding and agrees to comply with this User Acceptable Policy.

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